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Career Transition Assistance Provider CMYKCareer Transition Assistance is for mature age jobseekers aged 50 years and older that would benefit from intensive career transition assistance and/ or digital literacy training - that do not have significant non-vocational barriers. Our facilitators are highly qualified trainers and we will work with you to develop a program where jobseekers are supported in a way that complements their job plan.

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  • Work with us Work with us to develop training and industry awareness experiences aligned to job seekers and job search barriers.
  • Partner with us Partner with us to support the job seeker to overcome employment blockages. This may include practical assistance funded through the Employment Fund.
  • Industry Experience Support our staff to work with employers to create industry experience placements, promoting ongoing job offering through wage subsidies and Work Experience.
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Tailored Career Assistance Element is designed to help mature age jobseekers to become more competitive in their job search. All job seekers will complete 7 core elements in the program. Based on their preference, they can then also select as many electives as appropriate, that meet our minimum 75-hour participation model over the 6-week schedule.

Our model encompasses delivery of job preparation assistance, work placements, accredited training pathways, career mentoring and post participation support. Our approach is to provide a program that is flexible and tailored to suit individual needs and local circumstances.

Our trainers will work with each participant exploring and evaluating what their marketable identity might look like, and think about how it could apply to areas of work that they’re interested in. We will also cover how they can promote their employability in a resume and job interview. 


Functional Digital Literacy Element will build jobseeker confidence in using digital equipment. Digital literacy is atthe core of all our training, used across our job search support, applying for jobs, updating resumes.Our staff will encourage the use of technology (laptops, desktops, smartphones, tablets, Apps, Social Media). Mature Age job seekers will be supported to complete the minimum of 25 hours over a 2-week period, delivery will be flexible and adjusted to suit each participants level of digital literacy, with one-on-one coaching available.

Every jobseeker will have a Personalised Career Pathway Plan which outlines the steps they will need to take to pursue employment opportunities based on their transferable skills, local labour market, further trainingYour staff are welcome to support our industry engagement presentations, we want to engage employers so that jobseekers can hear from local employer’s job opportunities, what they are looking for as well as a direct link to promote yourself. Let’s do this together!

We will assess the progress of participants and provide your staff with a written Career Pathway Assessment and a Career Pathway Plan so that you are well informed of their progress and any supports they need.

  • We can provide “wrap around services”, education options and assistance to access Work Experience opportunities.
  • We can deliver licenses and entry skills required such as; Barista skills, Responsible Service of Alcohol, Responsible Gaming Service where appropriate.
  • Our connections across the community can link jobseekers with mentors and support.

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Contact us on (07) 3333 2055 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.


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