About Us

Our Vision

We want our clients to succeed in making a better life for themselves.

Designer Life endeavours to find employment opportunities for our participants, but our vision doesn’t stop there. By creating such opportunities, we’re helping individuals to become independent, self-supporting members of society, who value the important role that further education plays in gaining reliable, on-going, and financially stable employment. 

About the CEO

Leisa Roberts is the founding owner and CEO of Designer Life. In 2001, Leisa was inspired to start a business which would help provide training and employment opportunities for those who wanted to make a better life for themselves. With over 25 years of experience in community services, counselling, and employment services, she established Designer Life as a Vocational Education and Training (VET) provider and is now a leader in the QLD community for employment services.

Leisa’s strong sense of social equity and a commitment to life-long learning has allowed her to make a significant impact in many remote and disadvantaged communities. Since Designer Life’s inception, she has established a demonstrated track record of engaging the long-term unemployed and providing them with significantly improved employment prospects. Leisa has achieved ongoing success in the employment and training sector by using her wealth of experience to help individuals overcome barriers and reach their full potential.

What We Do

Designer Life is a wholly Australian owned and operated business. Based out of Brisbane, and with 38 locations across Queensland, Designer Life has an established presence in remote and First Nations communities across the state. By providing the highest level of client care, we’re able to support these communities in their effort to increase employment opportunities for First Nations Australians. We’re a prominent provider in the training-to-work jobs market and are committed to developing and delivering programs that remain relevant in today’s rapidly changing industries and workplaces.

Our fully qualified and experienced career coaches and trainers provide unparalleled support to Job Seekers, including early school-leavers, in their readiness for the workforce. We have developed a multitude of meaningful relationships with local employers, which not only provide support to local businesses with their recruitment needs, but also creates employment opportunities for Job Seekers through work placements.

Designer Life is proud to take part in all kinds of philanthropic work and is always looking for ways to give back to the community. In recent years, we have opened a community hair salon and a community café, both of which are run out of our Caboolture career centre.

How We Operate

Although our business model may be simplistic, it has proven to be incredibly effective.

Designer Life was established based upon a deep-seated passion for employment and training and a burning desire to help people succeed. Because of our dedicated commitment to client care, we have recorded exponential growth year-over-year for the past 20 years and have achieved unparalleled completion rates across all of our programs.

Our organisational success has been built on our community involvement, through the provision of exceptionally high levels of support and care for our clients. Designer Life’s success can be attributed to our deep-seated passion for employment and training, and a drive to see our clients become independent and self-supporting members of society.

Our Mission

Designer Life continues to be one of Australia’s premier training and employment providers for First Nations Australians, early school leavers, the long term unemployed and other disadvantaged Australians. We strive to optimise job prospects for our clients and robustly prepare them for stable on-going employment. This is achieved by delivering innovative and comprehensive training and career guidance that is tailored to our clients’ diverse needs and providing them with relevant opportunities for employment. Our unsurpassed level of client care is integral to building Job Seeker confidence and increasing the ability for individuals to gain clarity into their career pathway. Designer Life is committed to supporting First Nations communities and contributing to a future with equal opportunity for all Australians.